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Offering free financial data, market updates and the latest stock market news. All the research tools you need for your due diligence including historical prices, price-to-earnings P/E ratios, earnings growth and daily charts for Nasdaq, S&P 500, Dow Jones Index, NYSE, penny stocks and much more!

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Offering free, real time stock quotes. Purchase and sell investments and shares online.

DynaQuotes is a free tracking software that gives traders and investors the upper hand when it comes to monitoring and analyzing market information. Access streaming market data to get quotes on all securities, view historical stock charts to analyze trends, and monitor multiple portfolios, all from one easy-to-use program.

Download the free stock tracking and monitoring app for your iphone or android smart phone and stay current with your market research. With streaming quotes you get every trade, every tick, every price movement automatically delivered to your desktop. Streaming quotes give you comparative data, capturing directional trade-by-trade activity, versus snapshot quotes provided by most financial sites. Monitor individual or multiple portfolios from the same screen, allowing you to analyze activity and trends. Or, customize the scrolling ticker to keep constant tabs on activities while you're working on other programs. Customizable direct links to your favorite financial news sources allow you to research, monitor and stay on top of happenings within each company.

Access streaming quotes for all the symbols in your portfolios simultaneously, instead of getting information for each stock individually. Manage streaming quotes for single or multiple portfolios from your desktop. Analyze changes in price and volume throughout the trading day, right from your portfolio window.

Customize your settings to receive alerts (visual, audible, or via email) on desired stocks, based on your criteria. Set alerts on high, low, volume, bid, ask, net change, or percent change. If the market is closed, you will only receive closing data for the symbols selected.

Offers free real time streaming stock quotes and updated stock news with market research and financial data. Providing active traders like you with real-time share prices to better help you manage your stock investing portfolio. Live mutual fund quotes, market updates and more.

Find stock quotes for online trading in over 4,000 individual stocks. Allows you to trade your investments and mutual funds at affordable rates. Low commissions using advanced tools and resources. Get unlimited access to financial trading markets, competitive trade pricing, commodity futures and free trading advice and recommendations.

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